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Build the website of your dreams

Do you need a brand new website for your business, or are you just looking to spruce up your existing site? Something that will make it look more modern and professional? Well, you've come to the right place! Our web design experts will work with you to create a brand new website to impress your clients.

We'll begin by getting to know your business and what you hope to achieve with your new website. Then we'll work on creating a custom design that perfectly reflects your brand. Once the design is complete, we'll add up to 10 products or services to the site. And voila! You'll have a brand new, stunning website ready to take your business to the next level.

A business website can provide several benefits for businesses, including:

Increased exposure and reach: A business website can help improve a business's visibility and reach, making it easier for potential customers to find and connect with the company.

Greater customer engagement: A website can provide a space where customers can learn more about a business, products or services and interact with you directly. This can help to foster greater trust and loyalty among customers.

Improved customer service: A website can also act as a customer resource, providing answers to common questions or support for resolving any issues. This can allow you to focus on more complex tasks, doing what you do best.

What's included:

- Complete website creation and design on the Shopify platform

- Up to 5 subpages (about us, collection, services, contact us, gallery)

- Up to 10 products/services are added free of charge.

NOTE: Free Shopify website templates included. Additional website charges will apply If you want a bespoke website template. Contact us for more information before purchasing this service.

NOTE: By purchasing this service, you agree with our Marketing Terms & Conditions.

What is London Events Atelier?

London Events Atelier is the NUMBER ONE online space for all things events! We are on a mission to take anyone looking to host an event on a journey of exploring the world of event planning, providing them with the necessary resources to plan and deliver their upcoming affair and further connect them with the UK's leading event suppliers who will help with execution.


What are the benefits of listing my business?

Event listing websites are a great way to get the word about your services. You can piggyback off our website traffic, but it also adds an element of credibility to your company.


What information do you need from us to be listed on the site?

Every time a supplier is listed, they are asked to share their product/service details. This includes company name, social media handles, company address/phone number/website and a short description for your listing. 


How to write an event listing that sells?

Your business listing needs to grab visitors' attention and let them know everything they need to know about your offerings. More importantly, your listing needs to sell your product/service.


How do I list my company on the site?

It's super easy; you can purchase our BASIC or FEATURED plans.


How much does it cost to get my company listed on the site?

There is an annual fee of £120 for the BASIC plan and £240 for the FEATURED plan.


Can't find the answer to your question? No problem, email us at info@londoneventsatelier.com.