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Dog Birthday's

There has seen a sharp increase in the number of people throwing birthday parties for their dogs. Whether you want to celebrate at home, in your garden, pet-friendly restaurant or specialised dog playground venue; we will make your dog’s special day one to remember with our full-service dog party planning services! We know your pup is sure to have a tail-wagging good time!

Catering & Menu Planning

Yes, we will plan a full menu for your fur baby's birthday celebration that will get their tails wagging and impress your human guests as well. From dog-friendly birthday cake and refreshments like pawsecco & dog beers to bite-size snacks like chew sticks, pop-corn and so much more.

Plus, whilst your little ones play, you can enjoy champagne and canapés or even have a sit down dinner, all without the hassle of planning and organising this event.

Design & Decor

Balloons and other decorations can be used to decorate your venue, but when it comes to dog birthday parties, there are certain things you need to take into account - everything has to be "dog friendly".

We take into account your dog's breed and the breed/size of his or her four-legged friends. This will give us an idea of how to make your venue look stunning but not let your fur babies ruin the whole room before even starting the party.

Photography and Videography

Our team of specialists will find out your pup's characteristics, emotions, moods, and expressions. And of course, we will ask you how you want the event to be captured.

Your fur baby's happiness and well being is our top priority, so you can be assured that extra care and attention will be taken when capturing your event.

Together, we'll design a perfect session tailored to suit you and your fur baby.

Human Services

Whilst your pup's are having fun, why not keep adults entertained by hosting some human activities. From champagne receptions and catering services to having a DJ or a band entertain your human guests. We will work with vision and turn your pup's birthday into a day to remember.

Other Services

Pre-filled Pawty Bags

Treat's Grazing Table

Human Catering

Pre-party Grooming

Pet-friendly venue search

Pet-friendly travel arrangements

Pup's RVSP tracking

Themed Events

On-site Management

We want your dog's birthday party planning experience to be fun and stress free. Together we will help bring your vision to life, creating a mesmerizing experience that your fluff and their four-legged guests will never forget. 

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