Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Kids and Adults

Halloween is a magical time for kids and adults alike. It’s a blend of spooky excitement, creativity, and endless treats. If you’re planning to host a Halloween party, here’s a collection of spook-tacular ideas!







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Halloween ideas for the whole family 

Decor ideas 🎃

How to entertain kids on Halloween

Floating Witch Hats: This creates an illusion of witch hats magically floating in the air. By inserting glow sticks or small LED lights inside, they can give an enchanting nighttime glow.

How-to: Get witch hats (preferably lightweight), fishing line for suspension, and glow sticks or small battery-operated LED lights. Activate the glow sticks or turn on the LEDs, place them inside the hats, and hang them using the fishing line from your ceiling.

Spider Web Galore: Spider webs instantly give any space a haunted house vibe.

  • How-to: Buy fake spider webs from party shops. Stretch and spread them across furniture, walls, or doorways. Intertwine some plastic spiders to make it look as though they’re weaving their homes.

    Pumpkin Pathway: A lit pathway of jack-o'-lanterns provides a warm and welcoming, yet spooky entrance.

    How-to: Carve out pumpkins with different facial expressions. Place tealight candles inside and light them during the party. Line up these pumpkins along your driveway or entrance.

    Ghastly Windows: Silhouette cut-outs can turn any window into a scene from a haunted mansion.

    How-to: Using black card or construction paper, cut out figures of typical Halloween symbols. Attach them to windows using tape. Backlighting the window will make the silhouettes stand out.

    Haunted Mansion: Transforming your main party area into a haunted mansion can set the mood right.

    How-to: Use dim, coloured lights (like purple or green). Spread spider webs around and play eerie sounds or music in the background. Consider using Gothic-looking candelabraboneyard skulls, spider balloons, draped old sheets or cloth to give an ancient, abandoned look.

  • Printable Halloween Games & Activities for the whole family 🎃

    WIZARD PUZZLE BOOK | Unique Activity Book for Kids and Adults | Kids Busy Book | Kids Activity Book | Magic Wizard Birthday | Halloween Gift

    Harry Potter Activity Book for Kids and Adults

    This wizard activity book is great for kids and adults, with 60 pages of fun puzzles like word search, cryptograms, sudoku, and so much more hours of fun are guaranteed!


    The ULTIMATE HALLOWEEN GAMES Bundle | Kid's Halloween Activities | Halloween Games | Party Games | 2022 Halloween Party Games | Spooky Games


    It can be hard to find just one great game for your Halloween bash because there are so many fun ones out there but worry not - here you get all of them at once. With Halloween Charades, Trivia, Halloween Word Searches, and more... you won't need any more games!


    HALLOWEEN ACTIVITY BOOK | Kids Busy book | Printable Kids Games | Printable Puzzles | Halloween Busy Book | Party Games | Kids Activities


    Scary or not, you make up your mind. What better way to celebrate than with some Halloween activities? Puzzles galore! Maze, wordoku, colouring, pictogram, and so much more await you and your spooky friends. This fun kids' activity book is perfect for your next Halloween party or to keep kids busy this spooky season. 


    Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids

    Trick or treating may be the traditional way to enjoy Halloween, but a Halloween scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for those looking for something a little more spirited. This printable game comes with 22 clues and 8 blank clue pages, providing fun for everyone. 


    Game Ideas 🎃

    Halloween games and activities for the whole family kids adults 2024

    Mummy Relay:

    Description: A hilarious team game that results in kids turning their friends into mummies.

    How-to: Each team gets a roll of toilet paper. On the whistle, teams race to wrap one of their members in toilet paper. The aim is to wrap them entirely, turning them into a mummy.

    Pin the Spider on the Web:

    Description: Kids try to pin a spider as close to the centre of a web as they can, while blindfolded. Buy here.

    How-to: Draw a large spider web on a poster board. Provide each child with a paper spider with tape on its back. Blindfold the child, give them a gentle spin, and direct them towards the web.

    Pumpkin Bowling:

    Description: A festive twist on classic bowling.

    How-to: For pins, use plastic bottles or even toilet paper rolls painted as ghosts. Choose a small pumpkin as your bowling ball, and set up a bowling alley in your hallway or garden.

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt:

    Description: A hunt for Halloween-themed items that can be played indoors or outdoors. Download clues HERE.

    How-to: Hide various Halloween items around your house or garden. Provide the kids with a list of items to find. The first to find all items or the one with the most items when time's up wins.

    Witch's Hat Ring Toss:

    Description: A challenging game where rings are tossed onto the pointy tips of witch hats. Buy here.

    How-to: Set up witch hats at different distances. Provide players with 3-5 rings and let them try to land them on the hat tips.


    Food Ideas 🎃

    Halloween food recopies for the whole family kids

    Mummy Hotdogs:

    Description: Hotdogs wrapped in dough to look like tiny mummies.

    How-to: Wrap hotdogs with thin strips of crescent roll dough, ensuring you leave space for eyes. Bake as per dough instructions. Once baked, use mustard or ketchup to dot eyes.

    Pumpkin Cheese Ball:

    Description: A savoury cheese ball shaped like a pumpkin.

    How-to: Combine cream cheese with your choice of seasonings and shredded cheese. Form into a pumpkin shape and use a celery stick or pretzel as the stem. Serve with crackers.

    Monster Popcorn:

    Description: A sweet and salty popcorn mix with a monster twist.

    How-to: Mix popcorn with melted green candy melts. Once cooled, mix in candy eyes and other Halloween sweets.

    Witch's Brew Punch:

    Description: A frothy, green punch that looks like it's straight out of a witch's cauldron.

    How-to: In a punch bowl, combine lemon-lime soda with scoops of lime sherbet. Add green food colouring for a deeper green colour. Float gummy worms around the bowl's rim for effect.

    Spider Cookies:

    Description: Delicious cookies that look like little spiders.

    How-to: Prepare chocolate chip cookies, using the chocolate chips as the spiders' eyes. Once baked, insert pretzel sticks as legs while the cookies are still soft. Allow to cool.



    What do kids do for Halloween?

    Kids typically dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating in their neighbourhoods. They might also participate in Halloween parties, carve pumpkins, take part in Halloween-themed games, and watch spooky films.

    How do you make Halloween not scary for kids?

    To make Halloween less intimidating for kids, you can opt for fun, whimsical costumes rather than frightening ones. Choose age-appropriate Halloween films that are more entertaining than scary. Decorate with friendly Halloween symbols like smiling pumpkins instead of more gruesome decorations. Attend daytime community events or parties specifically designed for younger children.

    What do kids like most for Halloween?

    Many kids love dressing up in their favourite costumes and going trick-or-treating to collect sweets. The excitement of choosing their costume, attending parties, and engaging in themed activities and games is a highlight of the season for many.

    At what age do kids stop Halloween?

    The age varies by individual and cultural norms. Some kids might lose interest in trick-or-treating in their early teens, while others continue to celebrate in different ways, like attending parties, into adulthood.

    What age can you not go trick-or-treating in the UK?

    There isn't a specific legal age limit for trick-or-treating in the UK. However, it's generally accepted that teenagers over the age of 13 or 14 might choose to celebrate in different ways, such as attending parties. Some communities or homeowners might be less inclined to give sweets to older teenagers.

    What do children do every Halloween night?

    On Halloween night, children usually dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. They visit neighbours' homes, knocking on doors and saying, "Trick or treat!" to collect sweets. Many also attend parties or events in their communities.

    Are there any safety precautions to consider on Halloween?

    Yes. Ensure children wear reflective or bright costumes, carry torches or glow sticks, and always have adult supervision. It's also wise to inspect all treats before kids eat them and ensure they stay in familiar neighbourhoods and only approach well-lit houses.

    How do adults typically celebrate Halloween in the UK?

    Many adults attend Halloween parties or gatherings, often dressing up in costumes. Others may engage in activities like watching horror films, decorating their homes, or attending haunted house events. Additionally, many adults participate by handing out sweets to trick-or-treaters.

    Are there other Halloween traditions unique to the UK?

    While the UK shares many Halloween traditions with other countries, some traditions like "apple bobbing", where participants try to catch apples with their teeth from a basin of water, have deep roots in British history.

    How has Halloween in the UK changed over the years?

    Halloween's popularity has grown in the UK over the years. While it has ancient Celtic roots with the festival of Samhain, the American style of celebration, particularly trick-or-treating, has become more prevalent in recent decades. As a result, Halloween has evolved into a more commercial and widely celebrated holiday.

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