How to Hire an Entertainer for Your Wedding?

After months, or maybe even more than a year, of planning, most couples want to have a good time at their wedding and not worry about anything. However, one of the planning aspects of wedding planning that can help make this possible is good planning by the couple. This is because hiring the right entertainer for their wedding can make a difference in the amount of fun the couple has and the amount of fun the rest of the guests have at the wedding. This article will provide some practical advice for hiring an entertainer for your wedding.

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The first step in hiring an entertainer for your wedding is deciding whether you want to have a DJ or a live band. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. The couple should consider these advantages and disadvantages and their personal preferences in making this critical decision. The benefits to hiring a DJ are it typically less expensive than hiring a live band, and the DJ will likely have a much more extensive song list than a band will have. The advantages of a live band are that they can be more dynamic than a DJ, and they will produce a more powerful sound.

Once the couple has decided between a DJ and a band, it is time to seek out recommendations from trusted sources. Consider asking trusted friends and family members for recommendations. This is the best option for finding great performers because your friends and family members are likely to give you unbiased opinions of these performers. The entertainers they recommend may include entertainers who performed at their weddings or entertainers they have seen perform at other weddings. Based on these recommendations, the couple can narrow down many available performers to just a few entertainers.

How to Hire an Entertainer for Your Wedding?

Once this is done, the couple can interview these few entertainers. Most wedding entertainers will have demo videos the couple can view to get a feel for the entertainer's style, making it easy for the couple to choose the performer they feel will do the best job at the wedding.

Once an entertainer is selected for the wedding, it is essential to begin contract negotiations with the entertainer. Ideally, the couple will have started choosing the entertainer well before the wedding date. It is recommended that this process begin around 5-7 months before the wedding date because great entertainers are often booked well in advance. Searching for an entertainer early will help ensure the performers are not already booked, but the first stage of contract negotiations should define the date and time of the wedding. This will ensure the entertainer will not book another wedding for this date and time. The contract for the performer should also include the fees for the services of the entertainer and the services he is expected to provide.

How to Hire an Entertainer for Your Wedding?

Most experienced wedding entertainers will have an existing contract. Still, the couples should carefully review this contract before signing it to ensure all of the items they want to be included in the contract are covered. Most entertainers are happy to make minor amendments to the agreement as long as the couple's requests are within reason.

Once the entertainer is booked for the wedding, the process is not entirely over. The couple will still contact the entertainer before the wedding date. Approximately two weeks before the wedding, the couple should contact the entertainer to confirm the wedding details, including the date, time, and location. During this time, they should also provide a song list.

How to Hire an Entertainer for Your Wedding?



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Can you have entertainment at a wedding?

Yes, you can have entertainment at a wedding! There are many different ways to entertain your guests, from hiring a band or DJ to having games or activities. It depends on what you want and what will make your wedding day unique. Talk to your wedding planner or venue manager to get ideas of what works best for your big day.

How can I make my wedding more entertaining?

One way to make your wedding more entertaining is to add fun and unique elements to the event. For example, you could hire a live band or DJ to play music throughout the night. You could also set up a photo booth for guests to take photos. Another idea is to create a unique signature drink for the occasion. Whatever you do, make sure that your wedding is a night that your guests will never forget!

How much does wedding entertainment cost?

The cost of wedding entertainment will vary depending on the type of entertainment you choose and the number of hours you need it. If you're looking for a band to play during your ceremony and reception, you can expect to pay around £1,500 (UK). If you're looking for a DJ, the cost will be lower, about £600-£800. However, if you want specific types of entertainers like fire-eaters or momentary circus performers, the price will be higher. It depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create and how long you need entertainment. Wedding receptions usually last anywhere from 4-5 hours so keep that in mind when budgeting for your big day.

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How to Hire an Entertainer for Your Wedding?