What You Need To Know When Picking Your Wedding Official


What You Need To Know When Picking Your Wedding Officiant

To truly capture the spirit of your wedding day, you will need to find a pastor or minister representing your faith. And, of course, you also want to choose someone that will do your ceremony justice and interact well with you as a couple.

 What You Need To Know When Picking Your Wedding Official

How to make the choice

If you are both from the same faith and parish, then you may be able to find someone relatively quickly. It may be someone you have grown up with or someone you have grown to respect in your spiritual life. This is an important decision for you and your spouse to make.

If you only have a few choices, you may want to speak with each of them to get a sense of how you will interact on your wedding day. You want someone who will calm your nerves and keep a light tone throughout the proceedings. They are your backup should you forget your vows, your name, or what you need to do next.

 What You Need To Know When Picking Your Wedding Official

Making the necessary preparations

In some faiths, you must take a series of marriage classes to be married in a particular church. So if your desired pastor is from that church, you may need to set up these dates. They usually deal with how to solve marriage problems and find out more about your partner, so they are handy. In the end, the pastor will determine if they think you are ready for marriage and if so, they will do your wedding.

 What You Need To Know When Picking Your Wedding Official

Looking for an alternative

If you don't have a particular faith, you can look for a more secular choice. Many can become licensed ministers by taking a few classes and paying a fee. You may even want one of your friends to preside over your wedding (not the drunk one), so they may opt to get certified so the marriage will be legal.

A male or female minister's choice doesn't matter so long as they are legally able to sign a marriage certificate.

When you find a great minister, rabbi, etc., you will have someone else looking out for you and your new spouse on your wedding day. They present you as husband and wife to the crowd and make the vows legally binding. Make sure the law recognises the ceremony, and you are all set.



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In the United Kingdom, anyone can officiate a wedding as long as they are legally qualified. This means that they must be over the age of 21 and have either been ordained by a recognised organisation or licensed by the local authority. If you wish to officiate a friend or family member's wedding, you will need to apply for special permission from the Registrar General.

What wedding officiant means?

The officiant is the person who conducts the wedding ceremony. They may be a religious leader, such as a priest or rabbi, or a friend or family member of the couple. In some cases, the officiant is also responsible for filing the marriage license after the ceremony.

What does the officiant say at a wedding in the uk?

The officiant says different things at weddings in the UK, depending on the denomination of the ceremony. However, some standard phrases are used in most ceremonies. For example, the officiant might say:

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of [name] and [name]."

"By the power vested in me by the state of [insert state], I now pronounce you husband and wife."

"You may now kiss your bride." 

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