how to plan a organise kids classroom school party


How to Plan and Organise a Classroom Party?

In our opinion, nothing can be more fun and challenging than planning an elementary school classroom party. Whether the event is Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, or the end of the school year, you can use your creativity and have some fun in your planning. And, because your attendees are all children, your efforts will not go unnoticed or unappreciated as they can with adults. 

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You'll need to meet with the teacher and any other parents who have offered to plan or help with the party. Before any planning can occur, everyone must be on the same page and understand what the party will look like once it is all planned out. Early in the process, good planning and communication can go a long way toward heading off potential problems later. 

The classroom teacher needs to let you know how much time will be allocated for the party and when it will happen. In addition, the teacher will need to let you know what role she wishes to play in the party planning and in the event itself. Some teachers prefer to let the parents handle the entire party from planning to the big day, while others prefer to have more say and an active role in the planning and the party itself. 

how to plan a organise kids classroom school party

Ask the teacher what foods they prefer to be served. Would they like to go with snacks? Healthy foods? Cupcakes and cookies? You can find out what is easiest and what will make the least amount of mess in the classroom. 

When the topic of purchasing food comes up, this is an excellent time to ask if the school can provide anything for the party, if a collection will be taken up from each of the families who have kids in the class, or if the parents will be paying for it themselves. Often, the budget for the event will have a lot to do with the planning for the party.

how to plan a organise kids classroom school party

The next item to talk about is the activities, if any, for the party. Will you have a party theme? Will the children play games, do a fun craft project to take home, etc. One of the most appreciated crafts around holiday times can be something that the kids can make at school and then wrap and present to their parents as gifts for the occasion. With some creativity, this can be done relatively inexpensively. 

If the teacher prefers to let the parents plan the party, the teacher can leave the meeting, and the parents can meet, or plan to meet again, to plan more of the details of the day. While planning the party with other parents, it is always a good idea to make sure you have backup plans in case one of the parents doesn't do what they said that they would or doesnít show up the day of the party.

Unfortunately, things like that do happen, and it is just so much better to be prepared for them ahead of time than to be caught on the day of the party without supplies or enough people.

how to plan a organise kids classroom school party

With these professional party planning tips, you can make your children's parties the best in the school! For more information read our Party Planners Guide here.



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how to plan a organise kids classroom school party