How to Host a night at the drive in party?


How to Host a night at the drive-in party?

Birthdays are prime time indeed. One party theme that works well with people of almost all ages is the idea of a movie night. Whether you want to make your movie a drive-in movie or prefer the modern conveniences of air conditioning in the summer or heat in the cooler months, that is understandable; you can bring the movie night in. If you'd like something a little new and different, then creating a drive-in movie is a great way to go, and you can invite all the neighbours so that no one chooses the moment your film begins (hopefully) to start making a ton of noise.

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A Night at the Drive-In Party equipment

The idea of a drive-in movie can be expanded somewhat by the film you select. Screens for playing the movies and movie projectors can also be rented, and speakers to play the sound. An excellent place to put the screen is on a garage door if you are a little lost on that particular matter. Once you've decided on the movie, you can elaborate on the theme. If you choose something relevant to a specific period (such as Grease for the 1950s), Bill and Ted's Adventures (for the 1980s), and the like, you can have your guests put on their best 50's or 80's finery and come dressed for the occasion.

car movie night How to Host a night at the drive in party?

Party Music, Food and Drinks

Be sure that you have music that is appropriate for the theme to play before dark arrives and afterwards, in addition to the movies. Everyone can have a lot of fun dancing. You can set up a concession stand area with pop, popcorn (an absolute must - you will be glad to know that you can even rent popcorn poppers for the evening as well), whole dill pickles, nachos and cheese, hot dogs, pizza (if you're feeling ambitious) and other favourite movie munchies. The idea is to make the evening a fun evening for everyone.

car movie night How to Host a night at the drive in party?

Party Decorations

In addition to the screen, of course, would be a cardboard cut out car, movie posters, and Christmas tree lights to create rows for 'parking'. You will want to make sure that plenty of seating is available and folding chairs work perfectly for an event. You should also make sure that you have plenty of waste bins available for the garbage accumulated throughout the evening and recycling bins if appropriate (people who do not ordinarily recycle often will if presented with the option).

You can Move the party indoors

If you take the party indoors, you can still accomplish the movie feel but make it feel more like a theatre than a drive-in. Use Christmas tree lights along the floor and turn off all other lights in the room once the movie begins. You can rent a big-screen television for the evening or a projector and a screen. You may also want to consider pushing the furniture back against the wall and leaving the centre of the room free for throw pillows that allow guests to sit (or lay) on the floor to watch the movie. Place movie posters throughout the room to set the tone and have the concession stand in another room so that it can be enjoyed and seen without disrupting the movie. 


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How can I make my birthday fun?

One easy way to make your birthday party fun is to plan a themed party. For example, you could have a '70s party or a masquerade ball. Another way to add excitement to your birthday party is by having contests and games. You can have a limbo contest, cake-eating, or even a treasure hunt. And finally, don't forget the food and drinks! Be sure to serve up some of your favourite snacks and beverages, and you're sure to have a great time.

What are good ideas for a birthday?

A good birthday party should be full of fun, laughter, and love. Surrounding you with your closest friends and family is the best way to celebrate another year. Make sure to include plenty of cake, games, and presents! Choosing a theme will be the most crucial decision, so make sure you browse our trending Adult Birthday Ideas or Kids Party Ideas.

How do I plan my birthday on a small budget?

There are a few ways to plan your birthday on a small budget. One way is to have a smaller guest list, and another way is to do DIY decorations and save on the cost of professional decorating services. You can also cut costs by serving simple refreshments like cake and punch instead of an elaborate meal. Finally, to get lower venue hire rates, consider having your party at a time other than peak party times like weekends or evenings. 


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car movie night How to Host a night at the drive in party?