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Roll up, roll up! It's time for a Circus party!

Are you looking to throw a fun circus party? From The Greatest Showman to Carnival, circus themes have been chosen as one of the most popular birthday party themes! We have prepared a list of colourful and fun ideas to help you pull off the most fantastic party ever! From invitations and party food to circus props and table decorations, we are here to light up your creativity for a spectacular circus celebration. Let's get this started!

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Circus Invitations

The Circus party invitation should be bright, bold and colourful. Make sure you add the following information: Birthday boy's/girl's name, type of party, date and time of the party, venue details (parking/directions), RVSP details and a dress code (if applicable).

Circus themed birthday kids party decor ideas with circus dessert table pop corn stand and themed circus props.

Circus Party Decorations

A circus party isn't a circus party unless it looks like a circus. Give your birthday a carnival atmosphere, and think about big-top tents, stuffed animals, huge colourful balloons, and circus props. But in all this carnival madness, don't forget about the essential party must-haves like circus-themed plates, cups, straws, napkins, table covers and balloons.

Circus carnival themed birthday decorations and supplies to throw best circus themed kids party celebrations in London.


Goody bags can be a lot of fun for this particular event by using Popcorn bags for the bag and filling them with circus animals, bubbles, glow bracelets, circus-themed stickers, and other nifty little items. Amazon might prove to be an excellent resource for goody bag gifts. Don't forget to include a photo frame with a photo of each child with their face painted or a balloon animal as a keepsake.

Circus Big Top

The first thing that is an absolute must for a circus theme is a big top. So, why not have a circus in your back garden? Can you either go for a small big-top or a huge circus tent hire with acrobat equipment and a round seating area?

This may run a little high on the decorum but can be done nicely without booking a massive backyard with a tent. You can create a tent in your living room if you are inclined to do so. Helium can be rented relatively inexpensively, and you can make the illusion of a tent top by filling the ceiling with brightly coloured balloons and streamers to match. In addition to this, you can have the entrance of the room made to look like tent flaps. Push all the furniture along the wall and allow the little ones to seat themselves on the floor along the "centre ring" where all the action will be. 

Big-top carnival circus themed tent venue hire for circus the greatest showman dumbo birthday party celebrations. London Events Atelier

Circus-themed Props

To make your guests feel like they're entering a working Big-Top, fill your venue with circus-themed props. We have a variety of life-size props that will transform any venue of your choice into a circus. Some but not limited to props include: circus counter, circus welcome sign, circus crazy mirrors, carousels, life-size animal props, ring dance floor, ticket booth, food stands, and more.

Circus themed carousel life-size circus themed props and decorations for circus themed kids and adult birthday celebrations and parties.

Concessions - Dessert Table

A circus isn't a circus without lots of yummy Carnival Food, so make sure you have a variety of treats and snacks available on your dessert table. Most common food you can find at circus concessions: Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Ice Cream, Nachos and cheese, Cotton Candy, Pretzels, Cupcakes, Cones, Sandwiches and Hot sausages. You could also swap the "Dessert Table" sign for "Concessions" and add printable circus signs to match the theme.

Circus carnival themed kids birthday cake for circus themed parties and private celebrations. Circus themed dessert table decor ideas.

Circus-themed Table Setting

To create a lovely circus-themed table setting, you might need to use a lot of small-to-medium-sized circus props. Look for items like circus elephants, carousel stands, clowns, juggling clubs, circus carriages, circus cannon, etc.

Circus themed party table decorations and supplies, tableware, cutlery, napkins, cut outs and printouts, small circus themed props.

Circus Party Entertainers

No circus party is complete without circus party entertainers. Now, you really should make an effort to have some entertainment for the little kids with an event of this nature. It can be a clown act, a magic show, or simply someone making balloon animals for the birthday boy or girl and their guests. Face painting is another great activity to include on your list of events and shows and a lot of fun for the little ones. Be sure to include several great games (ring toss, pin the tail on the donkey, and corn hole are great games worthy of a circus theme) and craft activity or two in the running so that the little ones do not sit idly very long. It is always a good idea to keep them occupied and having fun.

Circus themed party entertainers, Aerialists, stilt walkers, clowns, sword swallowers, live bands, balloon modellers and many more acts available.

Another thing you need to do when planning a big top or circus-themed birthday party will be to plan for contingencies, such as rain if the party is to be held outside. The show must go on whether it is storming or the sun shining brightly, so be sure to have backup plans in case things go awry.



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