how to host a fun girls birthday party


How to Host a Fun Girl's Birthday Party 

Party theme ideas for girls can span all ages of a child, and they can be a lot of fun to plan. They're also fun to experience and can be a bonding time for you and the little princess in your life. Here are some theme ideas.

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Tea Party

Few things say "feminine", like a fancy tea party. Try some of these ideas to throw a lovely tea party for a little girl.

- Provide a trunk of dress-up clothes, complete with dresses, high heels, gloves and hats, for guests to dress for the princess or formal party. If you don't want to buy new items, a local consignment shop, yard sales, and second-hand store can help provide fun, dressy clothes.

- Stuffed animals and dolls can be made welcome at the party, and guests can bring their own.

- Consider plastic or other non-breakable teacups for younger girls. A pretty tea cup can be a favour for older girls and hold their tea for the party.

- Serve tea-appropriate dishes such as finger sandwiches and petite fours.

- Teabags, cups, and jewellery make lovely favours.

how to host fun girls birthday party ideas

Fairy Princess

Little girls often dream of being or meeting a fairy princess. Try some of the following ideas for a party theme to make her dream come true.

- Ask a friend or neighbour (or do it yourself!) to dress up as a fairy princess and interact with the guests. Or let your little girl dress like a fairy princess for the day.

- Crafts can work well with a fairy princess theme - guests can make their tiaras, fairy wands, necklaces, and bracelets, then take them home as favours.

- You can decorate in a castle theme, maybe using cardboard to make castle turrets and doorways. Or use ethereal lace and gauzy material to decorate. A castle centrepiece can be made or bought.

- Party games might include a dragon pinata or pin-the-horn-on-the-unicorn.

how to host fun girls birthday party ideas


Transform your home into the Mad Hatters tea party and follow Alice as she falls deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. Of course, start with themed birthday invitations, and this is a quirky party theme that can be enjoyed by the young and old. Include lots of fun pieces, including an enchanted cupcake stand, curious cake domes, teapot flower vase, themed plates and cups, vintage candlelights, "EAT ME"/"DRINK ME" labels, and so much more.

Alice in Wonderland Party theme decorated birthday table with themed cups, plates, cake stand, cupcakes, teapot flower vase. Drink me, eat me. Mad Hatter party theme.


Roll up, roll up! The show is about to begin! The circus theme is a great party idea for toddlers and boys and girls up to 10. You can use bright red, turquoise blue, green and yellow colours or incorporate soft pink, maroon or faded yellow colours for a more vintage look. The Circus party invitation should be bright, bold and colourful. Give your birthday a carnival atmosphere, and think about big-top tents, stuffed animals, huge colourful balloons, and circus props. But in all this carnival madness, don't forget about the essential party must-haves like circus-themed plates, cups, straws, napkins, table covers and balloons. And of course, don't forget about the carnival backdrop, clown entertainers and a themed dessert table. Read more here.

Circus themed kids birthday party theme decoration ideas for children's birthday celebrations.

Cats and Kittens

Don't many little girls love cats and kittens? Try a party theme along these lines.

- Use face paint to make guests look like cats, and have some cat ears on headbands for guests to wear. Guests can wear leopards or other cat-like costumes if they like.

- Serve foods in (clean) kitty bowls and dishes.

- Decorate with cat toys and posters of cats and kittens.

- Favours might include small stuffed cats, kitty stickers, and kitty-themed jewellery.

- Cut party foods into shapes of fish, mice, and chicken legs.

how to host fun girls birthday party ideas


Got a wizard fan in your family? Create your own Harry Potter Wizardry Party with magical party decorations like Hogwarts tableware, floating candles, and cutouts of Harry and his friends. Set up your Owlery by getting different owl balloons, soft toys and cardboard owl cutouts. Decorate your Book of Magic cake with sugar cake toppers of wizard hat, golden snitch etc. And of course, don't forget to send out your Hogwarts invitations few weeks before the party and get a hold of fun kids party themed games. Read more here

Harry Potter themed cake kids party themed birthday decorations and supplies ideas for children's birthday celebration.


A lot of little girls love horses. Try an equine party theme!

- If possible, see if guests can interact with a real horse or pony. A miniature horse would make a fun outdoor guest or arrange horse or pony rides for the party if you can afford it. If you know someone with a horse (or you have one yourself), supervise guests and let them feed the horse carrots or go for a brief ride.

- Bales of hay or straw can provide seating for guests outdoors. Outdoor games might include a game of horseshoes or hanging apples on a tree and letting the guests grab them without their hands! Indoors, you can always pin-the-tale-on-the-pony or let guests paint their model horse.

- Small toy horses, stickers, bracelets with horse-shaped charms, or paint-by-number sets make creative favours.

- A horseshoe-shaped cake can be fun, or decorate a sheet cake with small plastic horses.

how to host fun girls birthday party ideas


Transform your living room with Disney Frozen party decorations. Decorate your party table with a beautiful themed tableware set; add snowflake macaroons and Elsa biscuits, and place a birthday cake on a podium or a cake stand. Adding Disney Frozen party printable items are the perfect way to add magic to your child's birthday party. Print at home or send these invitations, welcome signs, and thank you tags. Add a balloon garland, artificial snow and maybe silver streamers to set the scene. Read more here.

Frozen Party themed table decorations for children's birthday party with Elsa and Anna. Magical Frozen kids party themes and ideas with Frozen cake, tableware, snowflake confetti, and other frozen party supplies.


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What is the best theme for the birthday boy?

There are so many great themes for birthday boys! Some popular ones include pirates, Harry Potter, circus, and cars. It depends on the boy's interests and what kind of party he would enjoy the most. Talk to him and get some ideas before making a final decision. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it is one that he will truly enjoy! Browse all Trending Boys Party Ideas.

What is the best theme for the birthday girl?

The best theme for a birthday girl depends on her age and interests. For younger girls, themes like princesses or under the sea can be popular. A sleepover or spa party might be more up their alley for older girls. Ultimately, it's essential to choose a theme that the birthday girl will enjoy and make her feel special on her big day! Browse all Kids Party Ideas.

How do you celebrate your child's birthday?

There's no wrong way to celebrate your child's birthday, but a party is always a great option if you're looking for some ideas! You can go all out and hire a professional party planner or keep it simple and do it yourself. Either way, be sure to include plenty of fun activities, games, food and drinks, and cake! Your child will have a blast and remember their birthday for years to come. Browse all Kids Party Ideas.

What is the best birthday theme for kids?

There are so many great birthday themes for kids! If your child is into action-packed adventures, consider a pirate-themed party. If they're dreaming of being a princess or prince, then a royal ball theme would be perfect. A safari- or zoo-themed party would be a hit for animal lovers. And of course, no matter what their interests are, there's always the classic birthday party with games, cake and ice cream! Whatever theme you choose, include plenty of fun activities and tasty treats to make it a day to remember. Browse all Kids Party Ideas.

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how to host fun girls birthday party ideas