disney frozen themed party ideas for girls frozen birthday party elsa anna Olaf


How to Host a Disney Frozen Themed Party?

If your child is as mesmerised by the magical kingdom of Arendelle as the rest, then perhaps a Disney Frozen Party is the perfect option for you! With our help, you can transform your house into an icy palace, fit for Anna and Elsa themselves. This party is suitable for a wide range of ages, whether for your two-year-old or ten years old.

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DIY Printable Ideas

These Disney Frozen Party Printable Decorations are the perfect way to add magic to your child's birthday party. The printable or sent digitally themed invitations, welcome signs, and thank you tags feature the characters from the hit movie, Frozen. Each item is designed to coordinate with the others, so your party will have a cohesive look.

disney frozen themed party ideas for girls frozen birthday party elsa anna Olaf

Frozen Party Decorations

Disney Frozen themed party tableware set is perfect for an eco-friendly party. Plus, pre-filled Frozen party bags, balloons, glitter snowflakes, table-topper cardboard decorations will help create a truly magical setting. Candles and confetti would be complete without candles and confetti!

disney frozen themed party ideas for girls frozen birthday party elsa anna Olaf

Frozen Party Birthday Cake

Understandably, every kid loves birthday cake, and we are here to make sure that your child has the perfect Disney Frozen cake. We thought it might be helpful to provide you with a bit of tasty inspiration; try an icing ribbon with snowflake decoration around the sides, icing figurine characters on top, sugary icebergs sticking out, or the cake could even resemble Elsa’s beautiful ice queen dress!

disney frozen themed party ideas for girls frozen birthday party elsa anna Olaf

Frozen Party Dessert Table

For the ideal place to put some bites of energy for the children, whilst also representing a decorative opportunity, utilise a dessert table. A few snack ideas are marshmallow snowballs, snowflake-shaped cookies, iced-blue cake pops, carrots for Sven the reindeer, and pretzel sticks like Olaf, the snowman’s arms.

To make sure that this table seamlessly blends in with the Disney Frozen theme, decorate it with blue table runners, tiaras for the princesses, and LED candles to make it feel like winter (but safe!). 

disney frozen themed party ideas for girls frozen birthday party elsa anna Olaf

Frozen Party Props and Venue Styling

For the most perfect and cohesive Venue Styling, we suggest that you select the exact theme of colours you would like. Some brilliant prop ideas include life-size cut-outs of your child’s favourite character from Disney’s Frozen movie and mini white trees with fake snowballs propped up all over the place.

Furthermore, you may enjoy streams of sparkling blue foil that resemble icicles, some delicate snowflakes, or hand-drawn banners, all of which can hang from the walls and ceiling. These both make for great activities when cutting them out whilst simultaneously creating adorable photos and memories.

disney frozen themed party ideas for girls frozen birthday party elsa anna Olaf

Frozen Party Entertainers

You’re in luck because a Disney Frozen Party is one of the absolute best parties in terms of entertainment! The most popular option is to hire professional entertainers to act like any of your desired characters, really bringing the atmosphere to life. These actors are experts in engaging children in fun yet themed party games and activities whilst also ensuring that every last child has a great time.

As an extra idea, you could bring in some adorable outfits and dresses for the children to wear, so they can dress up and be their dream character for the day. Additionally, play Disney’s soundtrack in the background or the Frozen movie on an available screen to encapsulate maximum' Frozen' essence.



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disney frozen themed party ideas for girls frozen birthday party elsa anna Olaf