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How To Host a Disney CARS Themed Birthday Party?

Disney Pixar Cars is a movie that kids of all ages have enjoyed. With any of the following tips, you will be able to make your little one's birthday extra special.

First, send out themed birthday invitations. Then you will need to get hold of themed balloons. Next, set up a table for food and drinks for guests (don't forget about themed party tableware & cutlery). For decorations, use colours that match the theme, such as reds, yellows and blues, as it is a Cars themed event. Finally, place personalised themed Birthday Backdrop or cutouts of Lightning McQueen for an added touch! Your child will love their very own Disney cars themed party!

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How to decorate your Disney Cars Birthday Party Table

We will start with some easy decorations because these are always so much fun to make and can set the tone for your party. For example, create a race track in the middle of your party table. It could be used as a table centrepiece and let your little guests race each other when they sit down for a meal!

Disney Cars themed kids birthday party table

How to create a Disney Cars Party Backdrop/Photo zone

The Party backdrop, a.k.a. party photo zone, will be in the heart of your party, so make sure you get it right. If you don't want a huge balloon installation, go for a single panel themed party backdrop and a themed Balloon Garland Kit.

Disney Cars themed kids birthday party backdrop

don't forget about Disney Cars Birthday Cake

It's time to celebrate your birthday! Let's get the party started with this Disney Cars themed birthday cake. It would look great in the centre of your dessert table or right in the middle of your party table. PS: can you spot the Lightning McQueen?

Disney Cars themed bespoke Birthday Cake

Disney Cars Bespoke Party Bags

The finishing touch is party favours or party bags. You can go for Cars 2 themed favours like mini cars, stickers, puzzle book, whistles, themed bubbles. You can also get a themed Piñata for kids to enjoy at the end of the party.

Disney Cars themed kids birthday party pre-filled party bags.

Disney Cars Balloons

The Disney Cars party balloons are an excellent decoration for any party. There are a few options here. You can either go for a bespoke red, black and white Balloon Garland Kit or themed helium balloons in the shape of Lightning McQueen and his friends like Mater. These make the perfect addition to your party supplies! You go for either Gold or Red foil number balloons for birthday numbers.

Disney Cars themed kids birthday party pre-filled party bags.

Disney Cars Party Food

Don't forget to decorate your desserts. Apart from the birthday cake, you can also go for cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons or candy floss. For instance, chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow frosting will look amazing with cupcake toppers in the shape of Lightning McQueen or his friends.



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How To Host a Disney CARS Themed Birthday Party?