Alice in wonderland kids party decorations and supplies ideas. Cut out Alice, balloon garland, tea pot flowers, Alice themed tableware and cutlery.


How to host Alice in Wonderland Party?

Most of us still remember the Mad Hatter tea party scene from the Tim Burton movie. So why not transform your home into the Mad Hatters tea party and celebrate your birthday in style with our Alice in Wonderland party ideas. This party theme is great for birthdays, baby showers and even weddings.

Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations

When designing your party invitations, try to be creative. Use a personalised key-shaped printed invitation or tie a plastic/metal key to your printed invitation. Other invitation template ideas: Alice in Wonderland Book, Drink Me bottle, or Rabbit's Pocket Watch.

Alice in wonderland party decorations for themed mad haters tea party kids birthday celebration. Eat me drink me tableware, tea pot flowers, balloons and Alice decorations.

Mad Hatters Tea Party Table

Start by choosing a location for your Alice in Wonderland tea party where you can set the scene. Join several tables with different sizes/shapes/heights/colours, chairs, and stools. Tie colourful balloons on each chair or display a balloon garland across your dessert table.

Alice in wonderland themed mad haters tea party decprations and party setup for kids birthday and themed events. Alice themed tableware and cutlery, eat me drink me, flowers, balloons, grass table runner.

Truly Alice Tea Party Tableware

Don't be scared to add different teapots, mismatched teacups and cutlery. It's all about the details... Attach labels with the wording "EAT ME" & "DRINK ME" to tableware and bottles. Make a cake in the shape of the Cheshire Cat or order a three-tiered cake-like in the Disney movie.

Themed Alice in wonderland mad haters tea party kids birthday tableware and cutlery decorations.

Alice in Wonderland Table Decorations

Set up a themed Alice in Wonderland party table. Look for party essentials like themed tableware. Items like Eat Me cupcake domes and Drink Me bottles are an absolute must-have. Use grass or a checkered table runner and scatter themed decorations across the table, like golden keys, playing cards, mushrooms, flowers and clocks. To give your party a surreal feel, hang several over-sizes themed cutouts like playing cards, poker watches etc...

Themed Alice in wonderland mad haters tea party kids birthday tableware and cutlery decorations.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Food & Drinks

Traditional afternoon tea party food will go well with Alice in Wonderland party. So tea & biscuits will be your first option. Go for bespoke Alice-themed biscuits and various sized desserts like meringue, macaroons, cupcakes and even a dessert tower. As for drinks, your kids might not like drinking tea, so alternatively, you can serve lemonade or juice in little teacups with saucers that will still feel like a tea party.

Alice in Wonderland Party Bags

Props and party bags are vital for your Alice in Wonderland party decorations. Fill a party bag with favours like themed biscuits and cookies, playing cards, pocket watch, Alice colouring book, themed necklace charms and tea party stickers.

Alice in wonderland party table decorations with teapot flowers invitations Alice themed cake and tableware design for mad haters party.



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How do you do the Alice in Wonderland party?

The Alice in Wonderland party is a great way to celebrate any special occasion, from a birthday to an anniversary. There are so many delightful ways to bring this fantastical story to life, and we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make your party truly magical.

If you want to take your guests down the rabbit hole, start decorating your venue with lots of colourful flowers, mushrooms and other Alice in Wonderland-inspired décor. You could even hang upside down teacups from the ceiling! For food and drink, think outside the box – serving up ‘Butterfly’ buttered toast or ‘Caterpillar’ green salad will add a touch of whimsy to your feast. Browse all Kids Party Ideas.

What did Alice in Wonderland eat at the tea party?

Alice in Wonderland ate everything at the tea party! She had tea and cakes and sandwiches and fruit and, of course, lots of sugar. She was so excited to try everything that she didn't even mind that some of it were a bit strange. After all, this was a very unusual tea party!

What are the themes of the Alice in Wonderland party?

There are many different themes that you could go with for an Alice in Wonderland party. Some ideas include a tea party, a Mad Hatter's tea party, a garden party, or a costume party. No matter what theme you choose, have lots of fun decorations and activities that will get your guests in the mood for some classic Lewis Carroll madness! Browse all Kids Party Ideas.

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How to host Alice in Wonderland Party?