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What are the Bachelorette Party Must-Haves? 

If you are planning or attending a bachelorette party, it is great to have a checklist of things you need to bring to the bash. As you gear up for the big party, you should have a few essentials like a phone, extra cash, a train schedule or number for a cab company, and a list of the bars or clubs you'll be visiting.

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Aside from these essentials, there are lots of great ideas for what to bring to a bachelorette party. One essential item is a headpiece of some sort. You want everyone you encounter to know who the bride-to-be is, and there are many options to set her apart. Mini veils are the most popular, but you can also have her wear a glitzy tiara, a bride hat, or a hilarious wig. Next, a good bachelorette party planner brings a dare to-do list. This list is a set of missions for the bride and other guests to complete throughout the night, such as getting a guy to tell her something dirty or collecting phone numbers. Tamer versions include goofy tasks like singing in public or dancing alone on the dance floor.


A popular bachelorette party game is suck for a buck tee shirt or candy necklace, and then random guys pay a dollar to remove the candies from the bride's necklace or shirt. This is a game not for the faint of heart, but it is a classic bachelorette party stunt if the bride is up for it. Another great way to slightly embarrass the bride in a good-natured way is to have each girl attending the party bring something that the bride must wear at least part of the evening, including items like a feather boa, a funny hat, etc.


Blow up dolls are also great for bachelorette parties, as the only male guest invited! Most blow-up dolls are naked, and bachelorettes are often asked to carry the blow-up doll around all night, sometimes handcuffed to her!

If you are having a particularly naughty bachelorette party, there are several x-rated essentials, including penis-shaped straws. Since the bachelorette will likely be drinking all evening, penis straws can be taken with her to the bars she visits and used all night. You can buy enough straws for each member of the bachelorette party to carry one around all night, showing group solidarity and not embarrassing only the bride.


When the party's over, the energy and excitement of the night will be reduced to a few fuzzy memories. So don't let a single minute of the evening's debauchery go undocumented. Bring an Instant Print Camera so that there are many shots of all the goofy fun. The maid of honour or party planner should gather all the photo evidence at the end of the night so the pictures can be given to the bride. Instant Print Camera is preferred over phone cameras, and the bride can rest assured that no naughty evidence of the night will end up on someone's Instagram stories.



How to plan a bridal shower? 

How to make your bridal shower invitations? 

Bachelorette party must-haves.



What is a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is a celebration in honour of a bride-to-be. It's typically hosted by the maid of honour or close friends and family members of the bride. A bridal shower is to give the bride-to-be gifts to help her start her new life as a married woman. There are usually games, refreshments, and lots of love shared at bridal showers!

How to plan a bridal shower?

Planning a bridal shower can be a lot of fun, but it does require a bit of organisation. Here are some tips to help make the process a little easier:

1. Decide on a date and time that works for most people.
2. Send out an invitation at least four weeks in advance.
3. Choose a location and theme for the shower.
4. Plan the menu and drinks.
5. Set up games and activities for guests to enjoy.
6. Purchase or make favours for guests to take home with them.
7. Clean up after the party is over!

What is the best birthday theme for a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is a fun party to celebrate the upcoming marriage of a dear friend. While there are many ways to theme a bridal shower, a popular option is to have it themed around the bride's favourite things. For example, if the bride loves chocolate, you could decorate with chocolate décor and serve chocolate-themed food and drinks. If the bride loves nature, you could go for a rustic theme with leafy greens and natural materials. No matter what theme you choose, make sure it reflects the personality of the bride and her closest friends! Browse all Bridal Shower Ideas.

How do I host a home party?

Hosting a home party is a great way to connect with friends and family and celebrate special occasions. Here are some tips for hosting a successful home party:

1. Plan the party around a theme, and this will help you plan the decorations, food, and activities.

2. Send an invitation well in advance so that your guests can RSVP and save the date.

3. Make sure you have enough seating for everyone.

4. Choose food and drinks that everyone will enjoy. Try to avoid anything too messy or difficult to eat.

5. Plan fun activities for guests of all ages. Include games, crafts, or music sessions.

6. Decorate your home.

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