Ways to inflate balloons without helium

Ways to inflate balloons without helium

How to inflate balloons without helium?

For every party, balloons are always a must-have! Inflating balloons with helium will certainly give your party that "WOW" factor, but because helium can be difficult to find/use and quite expensive we've compiled a list of ideas to decorate your venue with balloons using a balloon pump.

Create a balloon garland

Balloon garlands and balloon arches will certainly create that wow factor to any celebration. Even if you have never worked with balloons before, balloon garlands are quite easy to create if you have all the tools and instructions available to use. Simply inflate the balloons provided in your kit using a balloon pump and attach them to the tape. Once you've added all the balloons on the tape you can decorate your balloon garland with flowers or small accessories to match the theme.

Balloon Garland kit with pink, white and gold balloons for baby shower, girls birthday and private party celebrations.

Attach balloons to the wall

This idea is especially great for creating that stunning party backdrop or Instagram-perfect party photo zone. Spell the name of the birthday boy/girl using giant foil letter balloons or showcase the age of the birthday person by attaching giant foil number balloons to the wall. Always be mindful of damage that can be caused to your interior, so we suggest using wall-friendly glue dots or hooks.

Gold giant number balloons for new year, birthday, anniversary decorations. 

Hang balloons upside down

Who said that balloons can only float upwards? Break the rules and hang your smaller latex balloons upside down! Inflate a bunch of balloons using your balloon pump and tie the tails using florist or silk ribbons. Attach the other end of the ribbon to the ceiling using a wall-friendly glue dot or hooks. It will also work well outdoors, as you can hang the balloons to the roof edge or a garden tree.

Colourful balloons hanging from the ceiling on a string.

Most of our PARTY SHOP balloons are sent out flat (uninflated) but you can always purchase disposable helium canisters or a balloon pump for you to inflate the balloons in the comfort of your own home.  

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