Chelsea Fc football party themed kids birthday tableware, cutlery, table runner, table decor arrangement for kids party decorations.

EURO 2020 Kids Football Party Ideas

EURO 2020 Kids Football Party Ideas

EURO 2020 is finally here! And it's time for a Football Party!

Do you know a football fanatic? Well, you are in for a treat then, our football-themed party ideas will help you throw the best EURO 2020 themed birthday celebration! From party decorations and supplies to themed entertainment and food suggestions. Kick off a brilliant event with our top Football Party Decor ideas.

Without further ado - let's get the ball rolling!

Football Party Theme

Now that you chose your party theme it's time to think about the party colour scheme. You can either go for green and white or you can choose the colours of your favourite football team. Chelsea Party? Man United Party? Liverpool Party? Whoever you support, simply customise the decorations to feature the colours of your chosen team. 

Chelsea Fc football party themed kids birthday tableware, cutlery, table runner, table decor arrangement for kids party decorations.

Football Party Invitations

Now that you know the colour scheme it's time to design and send out invites for the upcoming football party! Personalise it with the birthday child's picture wearing the football uniform and don't forget to add key information about when, where and what time the party is happening. If your little guests will be playing football on the day it might be a good idea to inform the parents about the dress code and ask them about any disabilities. 

Football themed kids party decor backdrop Chelsea Fc themed birthday party decorations.

Football Party Decorations

Bring the magic of the field to your football party by decorating a table with themed tableware, cutlery and artificial grass table runners. There's no detail too small and these adorable miniature football players and super cute football biscuits are proof of that.

Chelsea themed football kids party table design. Football themed party dessert table. Football themed kids birthday cake. Football themed kids party balloons. Football themed kids party tableware and cutlery.

Football Party Balloons

Add the ultimate finishing touch to your party with these amazing fun football-themed soccer foil balloons. Once inflated they will measure 18" and last for approximately 5 days. Alternatively you can add a few bunches of classic football latex balloons. NOTE: Latex balloons will measure around 11" and last for up to 4 hours, so it's best if you inflate them just before your guests arrive. Both options will be an ideal choice for adding colour to your football party decor.

Football themed Chelsea kids birthday party balloon decorations. Soccer football foil orb balloon inflated.

Football Themed Birthday Cake

What would be a great way to make any footy fans birthday celebrations even more special? Of course, by going football mad with this awesome football themed birthday cake. Deliciously chocolaty, not a surprise that this cake tastes as good as it looks!

Chelsea Fc football 2-tier themed kids birthday party celebration cake

Football Party Entertainers

Hosting kids football party entertainment should consist of much more than just letting your little guests run around the park kicking ball. We suggest splitting your party guests into two halves. During the first hour kids can learn a range of exciting football tricks and skills, then give them half an hour break for food followed by the second hour of thrilling football games, activities and even a football match. Our football party entertainment program is suitable for all skill levels and with all the equipment, games and prizes included, the birthday child and his/her friends are guaranteed to have so much fun! Contact us for more information.

 Football Chelsea Fc themed kids party entertainment, football kids entertainers, kids party entertainment.

Football Party Bags

When it comes to football parties make sure you score a winning goal. Send your little guests home with a smile on their faces. A perfectly packed party bag fillers will go a long way, so make sure you always add age, theme and gender-specific favours. For a football party, we can recommend items like football bouncy ball, football puzzle, football stationery set, football shooter game, themed sticker pack and so on.

Chelsea Fc kids football themed birthday party bags. Kids football themed party bag fillers and favours.
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