Teepee slumber party girls sleepover party decorations sleeping arrangement in pink with balloons, tray tables, personalised sleepers, cloud pillows and carpets, personalised spa party favours pink party bags.

Spa-themed Sleepover Party Ideas

spa-themed sleepover party ideas

Who doesn't love sleepovers? Well, we certainly love the idea of lots of treats, extended bedtime and spending time with your best pals. Although for you as a parent planning a successful sleepover might take some time and creativity. But don't you worry, we've got you covered from sleeping arrangements, outfits and activities to food and themed favours. Read on to learn the best tips to help your daughter host the best spa-themed slumber party.

Sleepover teepees

Indoor tents or teepees will bring that summer camp vibe to your living room or your daughters' bedroom. You can fill them up with extra blankets and pillows to add that cosy feel to them. Add some balloons and matching decorations to create the scene. Placing some candle holders on tray tables or handing out flashlights once the lights are off will be perfect if any of your little guests are scared of darkness. Need some help decorating your first slumber party? Contact us for bespoke teepee decor arrangements. Completely hassle-free, with setup, decoration and everything you need for the best sleepover party!

Teepee slumber party girls sleepover party decorations sleeping arrangement in pink with balloons, tray tables, personalised sleepers, cloud pillows and carpets, personalised spa party favours pink party bags.

Slumber Party Outfits

Like a real spa, guests should dress casual and comfy, but why not get the birthday girl and her friends matching outfits? We suggest going for light silk robes and bathroom slippers personalised with girls names. Hang the robes on the kids clothing rack and place spa shoes in front of teepee stands.

Bespoke girls spa themed sleepover slumber party personalised white silk bathrobes on pink kids clothing rail with star sleepover balloons and personalised pink spa themed party bag favours.

Spa Party Favours

Get creative here. You can fill your party bags with all spa related items like personalised spa sleepers, manicure and pedicure tools, bath salt, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, spa-party headbands, creams, lip balms and eye masks.

Personalised bespoke pink spa themed sleepover slumber party favours party bag refilled with spa themed manicure tools and other beauty items. Spa themed girls slumber party teepee, tray table, balloons and decorations.

Spa Party Activities

You could get the girls to soak their hands in mini bowls filled with little bath bombs before getting nails filed and polished. After the manicure, the girls can do face masks with cucumber eye patches. Use spa accessories like headbands, face brushes and manicure sets to create the scene. Once they are done with all the spa activities a nice sleepover movie list will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy party snacks.

Bespoke sleepover slumber party girls pink spa activities, face masks, creams, nail polish station on bespoke low party table and seating pink cushions. 

Sleepover Games

When you put a bunch of girls in one room, you will want to make sure they will stay busy by planning extra activities. Making friendship bracelets is the perfect after-spa activity, but you could also prepare a list of games your daughter can enjoy with her friends:

Wacky Bag - Fill a bag with funky costume props and have the kids pass the bag around while the music is playing. Once the music stops whoever is holding the bag has to reach in and put on the item she pulled out.

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle - Have the girls sit in a circle. One girl chooses a polish bottle and spins it, whoever the polish top point at must paint one of her nails in that colour.

Dance-Off - Everyone loves a dance party, so turn up the music and let them dance the night away.

Slumber sleepover pink girls party with bespoke teepee design, balloon decorations, white tray tables, party tableware and supplies, cloud rugs and cushions with cute sleepover party puppy.

Late-night snacks

Late-night snacks are the best part of any slumber party! When it comes to sleepovers you should in theory let the kids indulge a little more than usual. Sometimes it's best to bring your daughter grocery shopping with your so she can pick out late-night snacks. And if you want to do it yourself we suggest going for late-night snack classics like crisps, candy, popcorn, fruit platter, macaroons and pretzels.

Personalised bespoke spa themed sleepover slumber party table arrangement with pink slumber party tableware and supplies

Sleepover Breakfast

After chatting and playing all night your little guests will be a bit tired and cranky. So having breakfast ready when they wake up will help make everyone feel positive and energised. Go for something simple like a variety of mini cereal boxes or pancakes with sour cream and jam.

Slumber party teepee party decoration with white sleepover tray table, bespoke spa themed party favour bags, photo props, personalised spa sleepers and cloud rugs and pillows

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