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Out of Lockdown Roadmap for social gatherings

The 3 Step Lockdown Roadmap for social gatherings, birthdays and small parties.

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) caused a standstill to events worldwide, and we all got used to celebrating our birthdays, weddings and other private occasions via ZOOM and other social platforms. But there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. As the national lockdown regulations have began to ease, we will soon be able to celebrate our milestones surrounded by family and friends. Let’s take a look at the new rules on social gatherings.


As of March 29th, the so-called “rule of six” returned outdoors. This means you are no longer required to “stay local” and can now travel to attend family gatherings outside your neighbourhood.  



As of May 17th, you’ll be able to meet up to 30 people for an outdoor celebration, birthday or wedding. But if you want your party to be indoors, the same rule of six will still apply.



As of June 21st, we are getting back to a more “normal” way of hosting events with limits on private parties being finally dropped. Despite the good news, there will still be rules of safe social gatherings that must be adhered to by all.


As event planners, we are always working on innovative ideas and new solutions to celebrate your upcoming milestones. Whilst taking the safety of your guests as our primary focus, we want to make sure everyone can relax and enjoy your party. Contact us to find out about Covid-safe post-lockdown party planning or styling services.

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