Calling all Harry Potter fans! The ultimate list of Harry Potter games and activities for the whole family! Everything from Harry Potter party printable games to Harry Potter family board games, trivia and so much more!



The wizardry and witchcraft that is at the heart of the Harry Potter stories make an ideal theme for a Harry Potter Halloween party.

The last Harry Potter book in the series by J. K. Rowling is now released, but the movie series is still rolling out and will keep the stories alive for years to come. For many children today, a Harry Potter book is the first full-length book they will read. The Harry Potter theme is very popular with an age group that extends right up to the older teenagers who have followed it through the years as each book has been released.


Activities at your party can include watching the Harry Potter movies, video and computer games, playing board games, book reading, discussing the stories or making Harry Potter themed crafts, costumes and accessories. In this article ,we will take you through Trending Harry Potter Party games that you can play at your next Wizard party with your friends and family. Suitable for both kids and adults, hours of fun guaranteed! Without further ado, Accio!

Harry Potter Charades

Start things off your night with a classic game of Harry Potter themed charades! With over 48 unique words in this set and 48 more blank challenges for you to add and make it truly your own, you’ll be able to play all night long!Harry Potter charades printable kids Harry Potter games, Harry Potter themed party games and activities charades.

Harry Potter would you rather game

Would you rather be have Ron or Hermione as a friend? These are the decisions you’ll have to make in this Harry Potter Would You Rather printable game. Its super easy to download and print as many copies as you need to play with your household muggle or wizard friends!

Harry Potter party games and activities. Harry Potter would you rather printable game for Harry Potter birthday, wedding or baby shower.

Harry Potter Word Scrambles

See how well you know your favourite Harry Potter spells with this Harry Potter Spells Word Scramble from London Party Shop.

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Harry Potter Bingo

Bingo games are so much fun for every occasion, but if you are throwing a Harry Potter party, be sure to get these themed Wizard Bingo cards game set. With 20 unique bingo card, your little wizards and adult muggles can play again and agin all night long.

Harry Potter party bingo cards game, Harry Potter bingo, Harry Potter bingo game for Harry Potter birthday party, Harry Potter baby shower, Harry Potter wedding.

Harry Potter Word Search

Its always fun to look for and find your favourite magical spells in this Harry Potter Word Search Game! Ideal for little wizards or grown up muggles of all ages!

Harry Potter word Seach, Harry Potter party games and activities for adults and kids, Harry Potter word search for birthday parties, bay shower, weddings, wizard parties.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Board Game

Relive each of Harry Potter's 7 years at Hogwarts and play as your favourite characters to unlock new secrets over increasingly challenging adventures. Become the most powerful wizard as the game goes on. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Board Game is suitable for ages 11+, 2 to 4 players.


Harry Potter battle of Hogwarts Harry Potter family board game. Kids party game for Harry Potter birthday party. Perfect Harry Potter family board game, gift for Harry Potter fan.


Harry Potter Trivia Game

How well do you know Harry Potter and his friends? Let's put you knowledge to the test with this fun Harry Potter Trivia Game.

Harry Potter Trivia Games for Harry Potter birthday party, Harry Potter baby shower games, Harry Potter kids games.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Top Trumps Collector's Tin Card Game

Are you going for a magical sleepover or have friends staying over at your? This easy to carry Gryffindor suitcase full of fun games is so easy to carry and means there are no limits on gameplay locations. Transport yourself into the Wizarding world of Harry Potter and follow in the footsteps of your favourite Hogwarts student. Discover if the infamous Voldemort or the respected Professor Dumbledore has the highest magic rating, or if Ron Weasley or Draco Malfoy is the most cunning.

Harry Potter Gryffindor cards game for Harry Potter birthday party.


The Ultimate Harry Potter Printable Games Bundle

But if your party is today and you are running out of time to order any commercial Harry Potter games, The Ultimate Harry Potter Games Bundle with so many fun games & activities included, will be ideal for your Harry Potter baby shower, birthday party or even a wedding. 

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