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Dog Birthday party Box - Celebrate to Help Out

The current global situation has created new sources of need and shined a light on those that have always existed. There are so many small businesses and big corporate organisations that suddenly have a new need for whatever people or government can provide. Animal Rescue centres are suffering too… There are things that you can do right now... help the animals in your local shelter homes and around the world. 

We, at London Events Atelier, love animals and found a way to help Animal Rescue centres by donating all the profits made from Dog Birthday Party Box. We truly hope that these small donations will make at least a tiny difference in helping volunteers around the world rescue, protect and look after our furry friends that urgently need it.

So how can you participate in our #CelebrateToHelpOut campaign?

Celebrate and help out at the same time

Many of you already donate to your local shelters. You can now donate money whilst getting something special for your favourite four-legged baby. When you buy our Dog Birthday Party Box, as part of #CelebratetoHelpOut campaign, we will donate 10% to the Animal Rescue Centre here in the UK.

Donate supplies

Apart from money, animal shelters are also in need of basic items necessary for handing cats and dogs. It can be something that you no longer need or something that you can buy like toys, blankets, beds, hygiene items etc… If you are not sure what to get see point 4 below.

See if any shelters are looking for foster homes

There are so many animals looking for their forever home, but while they wait (some wait for years and years) why not give them a temporary home? If you are able to foster, please reach out to your local Animal Shelter and see if they have anyone suitable for your family, we are sure you can find a space in your loving home for one furry ball of happiness.

Follow rescue centres on social media

If you are not sure what to donate, most animal shelters have Instagram and Facebook pages where you can stay up to date with their needs. Follow them, share their posts, try to help. Let’s all do what we can to make sure the animals are safe.

Many shelter animals have been through truly horrible things to end up at a shelter. Perhaps they were used for breeding, abused or just tossed away when they were no longer needed. Whatever the reason, we are committed to playing a role in making their life a little bit better and we can do this together!

HUNK – the awesome 13-year-old rescue from Battersea.

Gotcha Day May 13, 2019. 

Hunk’s mom Sarah: “I had always wished to adopt an older dog and when my landlord gave the go ahead, I went to the shelter that weekend. I looked online the night before and there were two pups over 10 years, ready to be adopted. When I got to the shelter, they said one had been reserved but Chunk (the name they gave him) was available and I could meet him. It was love at first sight. I renamed him Hunk, a much more fitting name as I’ve never met a hunkier man.

My Hunky baby was brought into the shelter as a stray, so I don’t know anything about his life before he came into mine. There were signs he had been on street for a while but he settled into our house (and bed!) very quickly. He is incredible gentle, loving and the best cuddle buddy. I couldn’t imagine my life without him and am so happy we get to spend his golden years together!”

London Events Atelier is committed to continue helping animals just like Hunk around the world, we believe that no animal should be left abandoned, abused or simply forgotten. Help us support Animal Rescue Shelters around the world and make a difference in their tail-wagging lives.

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