2021 kids trending children's birthday party games and activities

2021 Trending Outdoor Kids Party Activities and Games

2021 Trending Outdoor Children's Birthday Party Games  

Do you have a birthday coming up? Are you looking for the best children's birthday party games? Now that you've decided on your decor and catering options it's time to think about how you can entertain your little guests. We've compiled a list of fun and active games to keep the little monsters occupied for a few hours!

Relay Race

Relay races are a great way to teach kids how to be part of a team as well as learn social skills. What a great way to keep your little guests get physical exercise and have fun at the same time. And to make your race even more fun think about upgrading it to a three-legged race or balloon blast.

Relay race - kids birthday party best outdoor games and activities.

Potato Sack Race

What a fun way of testing kids balance and coordination whilst getting plenty of outdoor exercises! Get the kids lined up with their feet inside their sacks. On the command "GO" they should jump, hop and bounce to the finish line. The first one to get there is the winner!

Potato sack race - children's best 2021 birthday party games and activities. 

Egg in the spoon race

To prepare for this game you need a traffic cone, few tablespoons and some hard-boiled or plastic eggs. Split your guests into two teams, line them up side-by-side and place two traffic cones on the other side of the race pitch. One child from each team must race while balancing the egg on the spoon. They then pass it to the other team members and so on. The winning team must finish the race first without dropping their egg.

Egg in the spoon - children's birthday party best games and activities for birthday party celebration

Treasure Hunt

The rules are very simple, kids need to complete different tasks or find clues to get a present. Depending on the age of your little guests you could either host your scavenger hunt at home or encompass an area like your neighbourhood or local park. Decide where you want each clue to lead and hide them accordingly. Give out the first one to the birthday child to start the hunt. Remember to make it fun and always age-appropriate.

Treasure hunt or scavenger hun best trending children's birthday party games and activities.

Balloon race

Inflated 5-10 latex balloon and split your little guests into two teams. Place 2 cones on the other side of the field. Have 2 kids from each team start the race by standing back to back with a balloon between their backs. The pair must run to the cone, go around it and run back without dropping or popping the balloon between their backs. Once they get back they pass the same balloon to the next pair waiting for in the line. The first team to finish the relay wins.

Balloon race - best trending kids birthday party games and activities.

Kids Limbo Dance

Line up your little guests in one or two lines and get two adults to hold a rope or actual limbo pole in front of the line. Each child must pass under the rope bending backwards without touching it. The objective of the game is to lower the stick a bit more and more each time all the first person in line comes around again. If someone touched the rope they are out, keep going until you have a winner!

Kids Limbo dance - children's trending best birthday party games and activities.

Balloon Blast

This party will be quite loud, so we suggest you host it outdoors. Blow up one balloon per guest and leave some extra's on the side. Cut a small string and tie a balloon to one ankle of each child. Put some music and tell the kids to run around trying to pop everyone else's balloon while keeping his/her own one safe. Expect lots of screaming and balloon popping.

Balloon Blast - Children's best trending kids birthday party games and activities.

Birthdays are always a fun celebration no matter your age. There’s something about the excitement kids feel about their birthday and we are here to make sure they have an awesome party! If you are looking for a team of professional event planners contact us for your complimentary mood board or visit our Children's Party Planning page for more information.

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