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What to buy for a baby shower?

Unique baby shower gifts add a special touch to the baby shower party. Unique baby shower gifts can be fun and creative or personal and memorable. As long as they are from the heart, unique baby shower gifts become keepsakes that families will treasure for a lifetime. 

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Baby showers are meant to celebrate the impending arrival of the newborn baby into the family. The baby shower party is an exciting and fun-filled event for moms and dads anticipating the birth of their beloved baby. Presenting them with unique baby shower gifts will undoubtedly help make the party extra special.

unique baby shower gift ideas for mom to be baby shower hamper ideas baby shower personalised gift ideas

Ideas for unique baby shower gifts

Unique baby shower gifts need not be expensive. Unique baby shower gifts can be something useful that can be used once the baby is born or a lavish gift for either the parents or the baby. Expecting parents take pleasure in receiving unique baby shower gifts from family and friends during the baby shower party. 

These exceptional gifts mean that they took the time to find an extraordinary gift for them. However, unique baby shower gifts are no longer just for the coming baby or the mom-to-be. There are many unique baby shower gifts for moms after giving birth, for dads and even for the excited grandparents.

unique baby shower gift ideas for mom to be baby shower hamper ideas baby shower personalised gift ideas

Assortment of unique baby shower gifts

Unique baby shower gifts that are great for babies are personalised baby items. Items like baby bibs, baby blankets or burp cloths are lovingly appliquéd and personalised with a monogram of the baby's initials. These specially made pieces make great keepsakes that the family can cherish for a lifetime. 

Custom made jewellery is another example of a unique baby shower gift that the baby can hang on to until they grow old. Jewellery like necklaces with pendants and bracelets can be personalised with the baby's name engraved. 

There are also unique baby shower gifts for proud parents. New parents will love to receive a custom-built stroller sack or diaper bag when going out with the baby. Plus, new parents get a kick out of wearing fun t-shirts that sport amusing sayings poking fun at the new mother and father. 

Another popular idea for unique baby shower gifts is baby gift baskets. There are different arrangements available for the baby gift baskets. Baby gift baskets often follow a theme and are designed specifically for the baby, the mom and even the dad. 

Mom's gift baskets can either be filled with maternity clothes or remedies for morning sickness. Unique baby shower gifts for dads can also be packed in a distinctive gift basket. The gift basket for dads can be designed as a survival gift basket like a daddy diaper tool kit.

unique baby shower gift ideas for mom to be baby shower hamper ideas baby shower personalised gift ideas

Where to find unique baby shower gifts

Many online shopping sites offer a wide variety of unique baby shower gifts at reasonable prices. At the same time, many artists that specialise in creating unique baby shower gifts often sell their products online. Unique baby shower gifts can also be a personal creation of the gift giver for a more personal touch. 

The search for unique baby shower gifts is a labour of love. Some may give up and concede to buying a mundane gift for the party. But for those who want to give the best, unique baby shower gifts are the only way to go. 


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Why have a baby shower?

There are many reasons why people choose to have baby showers. Some of the most popular reasons include:
- To celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby
- To allow friends and family to meet the new baby
- To provide practical items for the new baby
- To raise money for the parents to use towards purchasing items for the new baby
Whatever the reason, a baby shower is a great way to celebrate a new child's arrival and bring friends and family together.

What do you do at a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party thrown to celebrate an upcoming birth. At a baby shower, the guests usually bring gifts for the baby. The most common gift is clothing, but other popular gifts include toys and books. The guests will gather in one room at a typical baby shower, and the mother-to-be will open her gifts in another room. There may be games played at a baby shower, and sometimes food is served. But typically, a baby shower is just a party to celebrate the upcoming birth. Browse all Baby Shower Ideas.

Can I plan my baby shower?

Absolutely! A baby shower is a great way to celebrate the pending arrival of a new baby, and it can be as straightforward or as elaborate as you like.

Some things to keep in mind when planning your baby shower:

- invite everyone you want to come, whether they're family, friends, coworkers, or acquaintances
- set a date and time that works for most people, and send out invitations at least two weeks in advance
- choose a venue (your home, a park, a restaurant) and plan the food and drink accordingly
- come up with some games or activities for guests to enjoy
- try to keep the budget in mind - showers can be expensive!

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unique baby shower gift ideas for mom to be baby shower hamper ideas baby shower personalised gift ideas